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How we work

We get things done by being informative, responsible, collaborative and fair.
We provide innovative industry resources to achieve these goals, including news & entertainment, online content, reports, mobile news apps and live events. If you share our values, contact us to discover refreshing new content that will also help you to accelerate change in our bright society.
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Brand values

We're known for being authentic, influential, objective and sustainable.

Our values

To serve the peoples @ RAJADHANI TV
Since 2017 our goal has been to inspire, inform and engage industry leaders to drive forward environmental innovation and social change through high quality editorial in a bid to ensure a healthier planet for everyone. MOSTLY WE PREFRED TO NEWS FOR ALL AREAS.

Vision & Mission

To create infrastructure for the promotion of high-quality Video, Data & Voice services through cable and to be a provider of such services in the most cost-effective manner.

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We have a strong team of professionals, journalists, editors, marketing experts, news anchors, advisers with extensive knowledge to reach-out the people.


We aim to inspire political leaders to act more responsibly and to build right, innovative, responsible to serve the society of right news and society of truth.


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